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    As founder and President of Tax Masters, Patrick Cox knew he had something special in Tax Masters from the beginning. The current Vice President of Sales, Alex Clamon, recalls those early days. ”Mr. Cox had represented several clients through his accounting firm, Cox & Associates, who had run-ins with the IRS. We realized that he really had a talent for it and enjoyed the challenge of being an IRS watchdog. That next year, we started Tax Masters and began advertising. By the end of the first year, Patrick Cox sold the old accounting firm and embarked on the Tax Masters journey that has carried us from 2001 to now.”


    Fred Thompson

    Tax Masters Commercials

    The IRS tax representation company began running television advertising locally in the Houston market in 2002. By 2004, the company expanded advertising and took the commercials national by 2006. The ads currently air on multiple cable networks including Fox News, Headline News, CNN, the History Channel, and various others. You can check out the latest Tax Masters commercial at the Tax Masters main site.




    Dennis Miller

    Tax Masters ads are easy to spot. Patrick Cox is a formidable figure with his full red beard and commands the attention of viewers. After years of taping and distributing the ads for air, one thing is for sure. You either love the commercials or you hate them. Either is fine as far as we are concerned, just as long as you pay attention when they come on. We have received about equal amounts of complaints and compliments on the commercials, so we figure we’re doing something right.

    Tax Masters Advertisers

    Tax Masters and Patrick Cox picked up various celebrity advertisers over the years. Tax Masters spokespersons include the likes of political commentator Bill O’Reilly, comedian and talk show host Dennis Miller, conservative talk phenom Laurie Roth, talk show host and former senator Fred Thompson, and TV/radio personality Charles Osgood.


    Laurie Roth


    Charles Osgood