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    Tax Masters Complaints

    Tax Masters is a strong company in Houston, Texas run by qualified men and women who know how to represent clients in front of the IRS in a way that is beneficial to the taxpayer. As many of you know if you have spent much time on the Internet researching Tax Masters, there are a few sites where dissatisfied clients and other detractors congregate to espouse their Tax Masters complaints.

    While we value complaints that come through the proper channels, we simply cannot respond to the anonymous Internet complaint. Tax Masters provides multiple channels for customers to contact us, including calling Tax Masters Customer Support personnel at 800.581.0456, emailing us your complaint at, or going to the blog by Tax Masters Patrick Cox where you can post a public comment relevant to a particular blog posting or use the comments feature to log your complaint. Tax Masters monitors and posts comments that contribute to the overall informative purpose of the blog and removes any particulars about a case or identifying names, social security numbers, and so on from submitted comments. Tax Masters also forwards all legitimate customer complaints submitted via the Tax Masters Patrick Cox blog to the Quality Assurance department for processing.

    You Still Have an IRS Tax Problem–Tax Masters Can Still Fix It

    If you found this web page, we strongly suspect you were looking specifically for Tax Masters complaints. While we want you to be an informed consumer, we strongly encourage you to consider a few more things before making up your mind about who to call to help with your tax problem (or worse, about not calling anyone at all):

    • You have a tax problem. Tax Masters can fix it. You need help and Tax Masters can provide you with that help. Our competitors tend to not offer the breadth and depth of services that we do. We understand the IRS and we can help you through this mess. We just ask that you meet us half way and fill out what we ask you to when we ask you to. Often this makes all the difference in the world in a case.
    • When you hire Tax Masters you hire nearly a decade of success. We have been in business since 2001 and have helped tens of thousands of clients, bringing the vast majority of those back into compliance with the IRS and saving many of them substantial amounts of money.
    • You can be sure Tax Masters is a strong, viable company by checking out our listing with Dun & Bradstreet or by looking up our stock symbol TAXS.  For more information, follow the Dun & Bradstreet Power Profiles logo at the bottom of the page.
    • You can be certain Tax Masters can help you in all 50 states. Unlike some of our largest competitors, we are able to offer IRS tax relief services in all 50 states. Go ahead and check them out while you’re looking. Shop around, then come back to a tax resolution firm you can count on.
    • You can find hope in reading some of the latest Tax Masters success stories.
    • You still have a tax problem and you need help fixing it. The IRS is still looking to collect money from you, regardless of how much you read on the Internet and regardless of how badly you want to run from your tax problem.
    • Reading every Tax Masters complaint on the Internet does nothing to solve your tax problem. Calling is the first step to getting out of the mess you are in.
    • Consider this independent Tax Masters review at We cannot speak for the accuracy of this review site, but we sure like that we’re at the top of the list.


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