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    Tax Masters is Hiring–Need a J O B?

    That’s right. Even in this time of economic downturn, Tax Masters is still looking for qualified individuals to help us solve tax problems for our clients. If you live in or near Houston, Texas and have a strong background in tax preparation, financial analysis, customer service, or tax consultation, we want to talk to you. We are a firm dedicated to client satisfaction and to doing whatever it takes to solve tax problems.

    Tax Masters: Client Service is Our Focus

    Tax Masters: Client Service is Our Focus

    Former and Ex-IRS Agents–Apply Today

    It’s no secret that our success at Tax Masters stems from two things: our strong commitment to customer service and our practice of employing ex-IRS agents. Former IRS agents have come to us through various routes. Some of them are ready for a career change. Others are fed up with the bureaucratic malaise plaguing the agency. Still others are ready to retire or have reached a limit in their government-controlled career paths. Regardless of your situation, we are interested in speaking with you about a career at Tax Masters if you were formerly employed with the IRS. The one caveat we must disclose is that we will not, under any circumstances, hire an ex-IRS agent or former revenue officer who has been terminated for causes related to compromising a taxpayer’s privacy or otherwise unethically exploiting a taxpayer or taking part in anything that can be construed as a scam, scheme, or fraud.

    Are You a Tax Master?

    Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies to come on board at Tax Masters. We run a professional organization focused on client service. You can be the best tax preparer or financial analyst in the country, but if you don’t have a sense of urgency about solving problems for our clients, we have no use for you. If you are a person committed to serving clients as if they are members of your own family, you’ll fit in just fine here. We learned early on that knowing tax law and the IRS code is important, but that knowledge is useless if applied late, improperly, or carelessly. To be an official Tax Master, you must be able to empathize with the client and take every care to represent that client as if your job depends on it. Because it does.

    Currently Hiring at

    Tax Masters is currently looking for talented, devoted employees with a strong sense for customer service. We are currently looking for tax preparers, financial analysts, case coordinators, sales assistants, billing specialists, and tax consultants.

    If you are looking for a career with a growing company and you have what it takes to put customers first, take a look at our Tax Masters Careers page and apply online today.