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    When Tax Masters made the decision to offer IRS tax relief nationally, we didn’t hold back. We are lawfully authorized to serve as legal tax representatives for U.S. taxpayers in all 50 states and around the world. The thing we noticed about IRS tax problems is that they tend to lead to state income tax issues for taxpayers residing in states with an income tax. So when we opened up our services to U.S. taxpayers outside Texas, we made sure to include related state income tax resolution services, as well.

    Even though we offer IRS tax representation services for taxpayers in every state, the majority of Tax Masters clients reside in California, in Florida, in New York, and in Texas. While we may have more clients in these states, we are exceptionally qualified to help you with your tax problem anywhere in the United States. We even have a couple clients from overseas who are having to deal with IRS woes.

    Patrick Cox, Tax Masters founder and President, chose to keep our corporate offices located in Houston. There are several reasons for this including centralized Quality Assurance monitoring, ongoing training opportunities on site, and increased fail-safe redundancies with

    Quality Assurance

    In 2007 and 2008, we added the Quality Assurance team to monitor customer and case progress and to respond to any concerns reported by our clients, including Tax Masters complaints. The result of this effort has increased overall efficiency in the company and led to improvements in customer satisfaction ratings, now reported to be at 97% based on number of complaints as compared to total number of customers. While we are working to close that gap and increase the customer satisfaction rate even higher, we are incredibly pleased with the progress we’ve made in this area to date. After all, if we don’t keep the customers happy, we don’t stay in business.

    Ongoing Training

    Ongoing training for employees is part of the culture at Tax Masters. From on-the-job training to incentives designed to encourage employees without the certification to seek Enrolled Agent status, Tax Masters knows that the more we are involved with employee development, the better those employees are going to be able to serve our clients. At many companies, training tends to be a stop-gap exercise when things start going wrong. But at Tax Masters, we strongly encourage our employees to become life-long learners and to always seek to improve.


    One of the complaints we see about IRS tax representation firms on a regular basis is the fact that clients can’t reach the tax professional who is working on their case. At Tax Masters, we have developed a fail-safe redundancy system that ensures you can speak with someone about your case, regardless of whether your specific case coordinator or financial analyst is at the office on that particular day or not. We take a team approach that empowers our employees to access information about your case even when your primary contact is out of the office. We also added a second shift in 2008, designed to better serve our clients on the west coast, in Alaska, and in Hawaii.

    Tax Masters Reviews

    We have started collecting and posting some of our more impressive success stories on the Tax Masters Reviews page associated with this site. Please take a minute to check out the kinds of results Tax Masters has achieved for clients all over the U.S.