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  • Patrick Cox

    Tax Masters Patrick Cox

    Born in southern Arkansas, raised in east Texas and the Brazos Valley, and educated at tradition-rich Texas A&M University, Patrick Cox is proud to call himself a Texan, an Aggie, and an entrepreneur. As an industrious young man, Patrick Cox completed his Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) examination even before receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas A&M in 1986. As a green accountant, Patrick Cox went to work for a small firm in Houston and found himself in the employ of Kemper Insurance Companies in the early 90s. He advanced quickly at Kemper, becoming the youngest VP in their ranks at the time when he was promoted to Vice President of Finance at age 31.

    Founder and President of Tax Masters Patrick Cox

    Founder and President of Tax Masters Patrick Cox

    Texas Entrepreneur

    In the late 90s, Patrick Cox left Kemper in search of entrepreneurial success. Looking back on that decision now, it’s easy to see that he made the right choice at the right time. When Patrick Cox started Tax Masters in 2001, he quickly realized that he was at the head of an organization that would grow quickly. Almost from day one, he and Vice President of Sales Alex Clamon worked to manage and balance the company’s need to to grow to handle ever increasing demands.

    Tax Masters, Consistent Service Breeds Success

    Nearly a decade in to the Tax Masters experiment, all indications are that growth and increased revenues are staying within the limits of purposeful management. With personnel and revenues doubling annually, Tax Masters Patrick Cox has hit his stride. He runs a strong organization dedicated to customer service and client success. While they may not be the cheapest IRS tax representation company in the market, they are arguably the best in the business.

    As Patrick Cox has stated on more than one occasion, “We are in this business of tax representation for one reason and that’s to serve our clients. Without them, we don’t exist. It is incumbent on us as a tax relief organization to act on behalf of our clients in such a way as to get them the best possible outcome with their specific tax problem.”