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    Tax Masters Review: IRS Audits

    By no means are these Tax Masters reviews to be mistaken for a guarantee of results. Every case will be different and each taxpayer’s experience with the IRS will vary, even if all things are equal.

    Tax Masters Review

    Client called us in early July of 2008 and hired us to provide tax audit help. Client had been sent a Notice of Deficiency from the IRS claiming that Client owed $60,592 in capital gains from unreported income earned through day trading. Tax Masters helped Client organize his purchase records to reflect corrected cost basis for purchased stock and submitted the information to the IRS. The IRS notified Client three weeks later that he did not owe anything to the IRS, that in fact he was due a $3,702 refund for the tax year in question.

    Client Result

    In this case, we feel the client result can be summed up with the email from the Client himself (edited for personal information):

    D____ and J_____:

    I wanted to send you both a note of thanks for a job well done on my 2006 tax return problems. I know I was often times difficult to deal with but your persistence and professionalism kept me focused on the task at hand.  I believe the resolution was from an under reported income and penalties/interest of approximately $60,000.00 to my receiving a $3700.00 refund for the cumulative years 2006—-2008.  I would ask that you express my gratitude to K____ as well for his help.

    Thank You!